Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Favorites - Homeschooling

Let me begin (yes, this is my disclaimer) by saying, I do not currently homeschool. I'm not sure it will be what we do forever, but it's how we will educate Elijah at least for the next 3-4 years. I think.

We reluctantly decided to go the pre-school route (3 mornings a week). Elijah has done well and we've LOVED the Montessori method. I feel like Elijah has learned how to learn, if that makes sense. BUT, the benefits are no longer outweighing the negative effects that school is having on our family. Elijah has 6 more days of pre-school and then we are done. There are some big things coming our way. Life changes, schedule changes and weather changes (the sun is coming out y'all!) and we want Elijah to not be tied down to a schedule. We need everyone in our family to be flexible and I'm looking forward to having my boy back!!

THAT said, I am reluctantly looking forward to homeschooling next year. I've been pinning and reading and researching and so far, these are some fun things I've found. Even if you do not homeschool your children, some of these links are activities you can do anytime.

- If you're considering homeschooling or want to understand why the heck anyone would hole up in their house with their crazy kids instead of enjoy the time off, READ THIS ARTICLE.

- One thing I've learned from the Montessori method is to stand back and allow your child to learn through exploration. Even when teaching a new lesson, Elijah's teacher does not verbally explain every detail. She just does the activity slowly and then asks questions at the end to see what the child picked up. This short article supports that method and I'm definitely going to practice it!

- Watch some Mr. Roger's Neighborhood. This show is so sweet and imaginative. I actually remember watching an episode a week when I was in 2nd grade. Instead of spelling out the lesson (be nice, share, etc.), Mr. Roger simply lives out kindness. Good wholesome fun! Say what you want about kids watching tv, but this slow moving thoughtful show will NOT rot your kids brain people. Plus, it's nice to have a little down time in the middle of the day.

- Math Games! I printed out a few of these and keep them in the kitchen. When Elijah is waiting for his meal, he'll roll the dice a few times and suddenly, we're doing school!

- Visit The World of Brian P. Cleary. He's the author of reading books and they are great! We first checked some out from the library, but I think I might buy the set. His website is so fun and I've literally watched as Elijah puts two and two together, reading new words he's never seen.

If you're like me and you're anxious about homeschooling with teeny little ones around, check out some of these activities!

-An entire list of activities for 1-2 yr olds.
-Create some busy bags for different ages. Have them ready and available for the moments when you just need 10 minutes to teach a lesson.

Any homeschooling mamas, feel free to weigh in!! I've got so much to learn!!!


  1. Oh man we LOVE homeschooling. I always feel like a real loser when I'm around other homeschooling moms though because we aren't terribly structured at this point. But honestly, I wouldn't trade this for anything. I love how flexible it is and I love watching my kids learn and I really love, although this surprised me, being with them all day every day. I still get (and need) my me time and my quiet time but I feel like I'm letting them have so much more of a childhood. Not that I'm against school (we sent our kids to preschool and Kindergarten for that whole learning how to learn experience) but for our family, this has been awesome.

  2. I will be interested in what people say here. I know we are sending Áine to Kindergarden where she is currently going for pre-k, but we have been tossing the idea around of homeschooling for 1st grade to see how it goes. The school she is at now partners for kindergarden, so the do 3 full days a week and then you do homeschool on the off days. This way I figure I will get a taste of what it is like and can decide from there.