Monday, January 7, 2013

I won an Award! (again..)

So, this is the second time I've won this sweet little Liebster award. Sad thing is, I never got around to "accepting" it last time. AH!!! Sorry Pam!!

Anyways, second time's the charm, eh?

I've got a new bloggy friend and her name is Kaylynn. She blogs over at Colb, Kay, and T.Rae and is the blogger who gave me the Leibster award.

So what is the Liebster Award? Here's what Kaylynn said about it : "The Liebster Award's origins are pretty much a mystery. Bloggers nominate other bloggers that have 200 or less followers. “Liebster” is German for “favorite,” so this is kind of like the “favorite blog award.” It's basically a "Hey, that's a sweet little blog you've got there. Here's an award!" You can't just accept the award. You have to play by the (ever changing) rules and pay it forward. Then you can put the award on your blog for all to see. "

Consider my answers below as my "acceptance speech".

1. What is your favorite make up item? My vegan handmade foundation powder from Madison Street Beauty on Etsy.

2. Are you laid back or high stress? Depends on the day. Naturally, I'm a little high stress (on time, organized and always planning my next step.) but since living in Africa and having kids, I've become more laid back about things (I'm often late, my house is a wreck and I have no idea what we're doing in life!!).

3. What is your favorite TV show? Call the Midwife, hands down. Second and third favorites are Up All Night and New Girl. Hilarious!!

4. Favorite article of clothing? My trusty vintage red boots. They go with everything and are absolutely amazing.

5.  Least favorite thing to clean? Do I have to say it out loud? Isn't it obvious what with only one in the house and 3 boys who use it often?? The TOILET!!!

6. Early bird or night owl? Definitely early bird.

7. Baking or Cooking? Baking. I like putting in a lot of work up front and then relaxing while the oven does the rest of the work :)

8. You have 3 wishes: GO! Besides the obvious world peace and solving poverty and hunger problems in the world.....1. A daughter.  2. Good health for my family and friends.  3. Clear direction on what to do/where to go next.

9. Last movie you saw? The Rescuers Down Under (fun kids movie!!). More seriously, I saw The Hobbit 3D over Christmas vacation and really liked it!

10. Final thing you do before going to bed? Discipline my kids, pray and sing for them, yell at them to get back into bed and then I usually pass out during or directly after an episode of New Girl.

11.  Team Edward or Team Jacob? (haha- couldn't resist :D)  I honestly do not know what this means. I thought maybe it was a reference to LOST, but now, I can't remember if there's an Edward. Sorry Kaylynn!!!

SO, now I get to pass on the award to a few sweet blogs! They have to answer the questions below and continue the Liebster Awards by handing it out!

My questions for the above bloggers:

1. If you had to move next month, where would you go?
2. Do you exercise? Love it or hate it?
3. Ice cream or cake?
4. Which season is your favorite and why?
5. What artist/album are you listening to today?
6. What can you live without right now?
7. What's the most adventurous thing you've done?
8. Who would play you in a movie about your life?
9. What are you reading currently?
10. East Coast or West Coast?

Alright! I'm excited to see your answers!! Thanks again Kylynn for the award!!

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