Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What I Wore - Family Photo Shoot

Our dear friend Sean Loftin (and father of the most adorable children, one of whom we often cart around-you've seen him...big brown eyes, amazing wavy hair, etc....) offered to spend an hour with us in the park and photograph our family. It was late in the afternoon, so Lazzy was on his BEST behavior...

Before we get to the outfit details, you've got to lay your eyes on these two sweet handsome boys!

Alright, and now for the outfit details (i'm totally checking Dan out in this pic!!):
Top : Covenant Free Store
Skirt : Chicago Buffalo Exchange, $10
Leggings : Gift from mama; Xhileration
Boots : Family Thrift, $3; Vintage
Necklace : Gift to myself via City Thistle ;)
{Similar chunky necklaces here, here and here}

Total cost for this photo shoot outfit : $13!!!!

Sean got some great photos of the boys. I'm especially thankful to have our little family documented in our neighborhood park where we've lived for 4 years here in St. Louis. I run around that duck pond. The boys and I walk past that entrance on our way to the playground. Dan and I enjoy walking dates through those trees. These pictures are so special because they will always remind us of those sweet (but LONG) seminary years.


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  1. what great pictures and what a beautiful family!!

  2. I love these....absolutely precious!!! And I can't believe this adorable outfit was only $13!!! Score. Thanks so much for linking up!

  3. Bethany! Newest follower from ...for Lauren and Lauren. First of all your boys are adorable. Second of all I feel like we should be friends. Or maybe we would be friends if I were in St. Louis right now. Here's why- I also am passionate about natural childbirth. I am a LD nurse and went through doula training several years ago because I was sick of some of the hospital "mess" Anyhow this was before I was married and I couldn't really finish my certification and support myself to finish the training and still work full-time. Anyhow, maybe someday I will go back to it when the kids are older. For now though I do love whatever natural births I can do with people in the hospital from the medical side. I LOVE cloth diapers and will use them on our second as well. My husband is a minister although we were not married through those seminary years. I feel like I saw several other "connections" just fishing around but I don't remember what they are anymore. Anyhow, I'm excited to follow your blog


  4. Family Thrift is the best. Last weekend there I got two pairs of jeans, three tops, a suede jacket, and a faux Louis Vuitton purse, all for $54.