Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Favorites - Dealing with BOYS

Thanks to Pinterest, there is no longer a need to read parenting books. All the creative parenting tips and advice are in one convenient location! (I'm being sarcastci.....) I've come across some pretty awesome (and hilarious!) ways to deal with bad behavior. These are my favorites :

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Do any of y'all have a favorite tip or creative way to deal with a sour attitude? Lately, Elijah has been calling us "bad mom!" or "bad dad!" if we tell him something he doesn't want to hear (like, "it's time for bed..."). Dan's just been tickling him which usually helps snap Eli out of his 'tude. Any other suggestions??


  1. I don't know! We have had so much bad behavior lately I am really starting to wonder if I need to remind them who mom is and get some control back! Not sure where I lost it, but it's insane! Anyway, won't get into that frustration but just wanted to say one night I actually tried that get along shirt idea and it went horribly horribly bad! We'll just say it encouraged way more aggressive fighting rather than just being nasty to each other, it was nuts.

    1. haha!! i laughed out loud! i'm thinking the "get along shirt" is for older kids, ha!!!

  2. I know, I was just desperate and had seen the idea so I tried it. Failure big time!

  3. okay, I have to come back and tell you...we tried the get along shirt idea again. This time we cut the neck so Vincent didn't get pulled on. IT WAS AMAZING! They HATE that thing and when things get bad we get out that shirt and they scream and cry and yell but after about 2-3 minutes they realized they better get to gettin' along or they are going to be SOL. Suddenly it is quiet. We go check about 3 minutes later and there are just standing there, together, in their shirt. No more fighting for quite some time after that. Anyway, I was pretty convinced it was for older kids, but it has worked well for us once we cut the neck!