Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday - Take THAT Anthro!

Last week, Dan and I did some epic second hand shopping in Chicago. We hit up the good ole Buffalo and Crossroad Exchanges as well as some other lesser known shops. In one of them, I scored this adorable skirt originally from Anthropologie! It's gray and striped and has RUFFLES. What more could a girl need in a skirt?

Paired with my newly thrifted boots(new to me AND new with the tags still attached), this skirt is a no brainer. My hair was acting wild, and so it was punished with three twists and a whole lotta bobby pins.

Oh, and the honeymoon phase isn't over yet for my new bag. Still very much in love with it. I especially like that it does not fit toys, underwear with construction trucks on them and snacks/water bottles. Nope, this bag is ALL lip gloss and Target receipts, baby!

Outfit Details:

Sweater : Goodwill, $3; The Limited
Skirt : Buffalo Exchange, $16; edme' and esyllte
Tights : Target, $2.50
Boots : Goodwill, $12; Mossimo
Vintage Bag : Olive Branch Exchange, $12

Total : $45.50
(Ooops, WAY over my $30 thrifted outfit budget. Considering the skirt itself was probably $60+ originally, I think that's okay. Just this once.)


  1. You've at least got the figure for ruffles - on skirt or anywhere else! Very smart outfit and hope you have some great times wearing it!

    Whenever ruffles get near me, they expand my girth (or to my eyes, anyway) so it's better that we keep apart!

    All the best. Isobel from

  2. Um...I'm kind of in love with this skirt!

  3. what great finds! i love that skirt!