Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Letting Go

A week of extra cuddles and cuteness. A week of pink and purple. All it took was a week. We all fell in love. I'm thankful things were resolved with her family, but I'm worried about her future, too. It's not up to me and letting go of control is really hard to do. Letting her go today was really hard to do.

"But she just got here!" was Elijah's reaction. Honestly, it was mine, too.

It was a busy weekend. We didn't get away, we didn't sleep AT ALL. Dan survived his 13 hour work day and then I rushed off to an all night birth. It was almost funny, the way it all worked out. But I'm glad we trusted God and said "yes" to this little girl. She was part of our family for 5 days. We really didn't give up anything important, but we gave her so much.

I guess we wait now for another call, another little life to fall in love with, another situation to throw ourselves into. I'm thankful for this weekend and the sweet time we had with this baby girl. I learned a lot.


  1. As I think I've commented before: admire, so much, what you do. Letting go, at any time, must be so hard. Takes a lot of doing - for everyone, at any age. Well done all of you!

  2. I hope without being misunderstood, I can just say... :(

  3. Thanks for being at our birth that weekend. Love catching up on your blog! Your family is so sweet.