Thursday, November 1, 2012

And Just Like That....

...we have a baby! This morning, I got a call for a new foster placement. We've gotten two calls in the last month for a set of siblings. After our last experience, we knew we could only take on one more child while Dan is in class and away from home so much. SO, when I got the call for a 5 month old baby girl, I said "yes" without even asking for her name!

A few hours later, we met the sweet thing and now she lays, sleepy eyed in the sling while my boys "craft" with feathers and tissue paper and I type along to Christmas music (don't judge me!). It's strange how one phone call can change the entire game.
Welcome to the chaos little girl!

Dan and I had big plans for a night without kids this weekend. Movies, museums and SLEEP were all in the plans. Along with a 13 hour work day for Dan and a women's marriage conference for me on Saturday. Oh, and I have a doula client who is overdue. Of course.

Taking this baby girl in meant letting go of our plans. Or rather, giving them to the Lord. He provided a way for us to help this tiny person and He will provide a way for us to get through the weekend.

Dan is in class until 9:30 tonight. He won't even meet baby girl until the morning. Well, who knows. He might be meeting her over and over again throughout the night! I'm just so thankful we have the time and means to take this child in and support her through a rough time in her life. She doesn't know it, but she is loved by four strangers who don't share her name, skin color, culture, neighborhood or so many other things. But, circumstances have united us together this afternoon and I'm happy to have her. Even if it means my date night has to wait :)


  1. what an amazing thing you are doing!!!

    1. Thanks Katie. Like most crazy things God asks us to do, though, it's all through Him! Oh, and having pink stuff around the house is a pretty big incentive for me ;)

  2. love this! in the future (like once i no longer have an 8-week-old) my husband and i are hoping to participate in "safe families" in indianapolis, which is kind of an alternative (or supplement?) to the foster care system. anyway, it's kind of the same thing, so i have loved reading all about your fostering experience. it's been empowering me to believe that i don't have to wait for my kids to grow up, or for my life to be more put together or something, to help out in this really important way. :)

    also, i go to church with the partains and lead worship with nathan...this is how i stumbled upon your blog, and i'm so glad i did!

  3. love this! in the future (like once we no longer have an 8-week-old), my husband and i hope to take part in "safe families" in indianapolis. it's a program that sort of supplements the foster care system, helping find temporary homes for kids who might not get place by the system because of the sheer number of families who need help. so it's been pretty cool to read about your experience fostering, and has empowered me to believe that i don't have to wait for my kids to grow up, or my life to settle down, before i can help meet this need. :)

    oh, and...i go to church with the partains and lead worship with nathan...they are how i stumbled upon your blog. and i'm so glad i did!