Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What WE Wore - Halloween!!!

I know this post is a bit late in the day, but I really wanted to share our Halloween costumes. We each picked out what we wanted to dress as, and we had so much fun putting outfits together. Elijah and I were Jack and Meg White, per Eli's request!

Together, we are The White Stripes!!

Elijah's red jeans are from Target (the girl's section...oh yeah.) Black shirt is from H&M although I should have gone to Walmart for a much cheaper option. Oh well. Black Converse shoes are from grandma :)

Lazzy was supposed to be George Costanza with Dan as Kramer...

...but then he threw on his fire man get up....we should have known.

Now off to a Halloween Birthday Party!!

1 comment:

  1. All good! luv yer Meg WHite!!!! and Dan makes a GREAT Kramer!!! and Goerge Castanza!!!
    and the red slacks totaally make the JW look complete!!!