Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Kids Say the Darndest Things - Drama

While eating dinner, Elijah announced "I need to go pee pee!!". I could tell it was an emergency (because, well, it always is) so I scooped him up and ran him to the potty. After he had gone and was washing his hands, he declared:

"Mom, you just saved my life!".


Our last night on the beach was beautiful. We tossed the frisbee around while the boys splashed and swam. Elijah had already expressed to me his anger about having to leave the net morning. I knew it would be a challenge getting him back to the beach house and in bed for the night.

Me : "Elijah, babe, I know it's sad but we have to get back to the beach house now, shower off and go to bed.."

Elijah : "Mom! NO! I want more minutes!!"

Me : "Ok, let's do 4 more minutes because you're 4." (this usually works by the way.)

Elijah : "NO! I want more! I want like, 7 days more!"



As I was replacing some batteries in a toy, Lazzy got hold of the screw driver. Elijah saw him and shouted:

"No Laz! You might die!!"

I giggled a bit because, well, it was pretty dramatic. Elijah noticed that I wasn't taking him seriously and then said "Mom, it's true! Sharp things will hurt him and he might die!"

Turns out I don't really need to look out for Laz. He has his own personal protector!


After FINALLY putting his face under water in the bathtub, Elijah exclaimed:

"Mama!! I did it! I'm so proud that I put my face in the water and blew all my airs out of my nose!! It's like, I'm already a man!"


  1. Too funny! That's how I feel about vacation too!

  2. "It's like, I'm already a man!" HAHAHA I LOVE THIS!!!

    1. i am both embarrassed and proud that he uses the word "like", like dan and i do. it's always been a goal of mine to drop that stupid word, but it's so funny that he says it!!

  3. honestly, they are too funny.

    my husband said to our grand-nephew after his birthday away at camp...'how was your birthday...did you get presents'. he replied 'yup. it was good. but i didn't get as many as I thought i would'

    kid honesty.