Sunday, August 5, 2012

Homebirth Story - Darci McCoy

Darci has been a friend of my family  for years. She has two sweet boys who are just 13 months apart and were both born at home. Darci isn't a tomboy. She doesn't live in the woods where she sews her own clothes and milks her own cows (although she may want to do that someday, I don't know!). She is a professional massage therapist and her husband Jeremy plays bass in a very popular rock band. They are normal people who view birth as a natural and normal event in their lives.

Darci's birth story was recently aired on a website called CafeMom. There are lots of different birth stories there, but I think Darci's is the cutest. Plus, my mom was her midwife for both births (she's in the pink shirt at the end!). I hope you enjoy her video, as I think it perfectly portrays how calming and wonderful a homebirth experience can be. Enjoy!

{oh, and in case you're worried, it's rated G.}


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