Sunday, July 22, 2012

Refugees in my Home

Dan and I attend a church here in St. Louis where we meet refugees from all over the world. We've heard stories of death, running from war and separation from loved ones. It's incredible the ways that people survive such terrible circumstances and honestly, I cannot imagine going through it.

As I continue to work with our sweet foster girls, I am realizing they are no different from our Burmese, Nepali and African friends at church. These girls are refugees who fled from a home filled with it's own types of battles. War broke out in their own back yard years ago, but they were found, rescued and put in our make shift refugee camp.

If the girls are refugees, that makes us their army. Dan, Elijah, Lazzy and I are soldiers and we have chosen to take up their fight, to make it our own. We are protecting their rights, health and well being. Thankfully we are not alone in this. Their case worker, judges, therapists, our friends and church are fighting along side us, because they all believe it's a worthy cause.

We don't know if there will ever be peace back home, if they will ever be reconciled or if they will take up a new residence and last name elsewhere. I do know that God is strong enough to carry us through this difficult time and He promises to redeem us and make all things new. I've never clung on to that hope so tight in all my life.


  1. that's a good way to look at things. they need refuge and you are where they landed for help. stay strong in knowing you're doing something that will truly make a difference in someone's life.

    watch The blindside last night and thought it was beautiful story of this exact kind of difference.

  2. beautifully put. another tear-jerker post...