Saturday, June 9, 2012

Neighborhood Carnival

I LOVE carnivals!! I want to be scared, get dizzy 'till I'm sick, and then do it all over again. You can imagine my excitement when a neighborhood school set up a mini carnival just blocks from our house.

I knew that Lazzy would be too short (and scared) for most of the rides but so was Dan ;) They stuck together while Eli practically ran the grounds. Each ride was pretty cheap and Laz got on for free. I think we spent $23 and even got cotton candy!

We flew with Dumbo.

Jumped in the ball pit!

Then, there was the "Cars Slide!".

Lazzy obviously had the better ride.

 My personal favorite is the ferris wheel. Laz and I had a little date and it was adorable. He kept saying "yay!". Also, if I were him, I would have been scared out of my mini sandals!! The operator made that thing fly, it was going so fast!

Ohhhhhh....the Spinning Apple. Elijah kept saying "spin faster mom!!". I really thought I was going to lose it all. I kind of regretted that ride, but I know it was Elijah's favorite.

Little men driving cars.

Crowds and big sounds send Lazarus right to his mama's arms. I didn't mind the extra cuddles.

 Eli finally ate cotton candy for the first time in his life. He couldn't believe how fast it dissolved in his mouth.

We thought it would be a huge hit with Lazzy, seeing as how he is obsessed with fuzz! Nope...he kind of grimaced at it, swatted it away and I found myself force feeding my child cotton candy. It got pretty ridiculous. Turned out, he just wanted to feed it to mama, and I was okay with that :)

For anyone one the St. Louis area, the carnival is open all weekend! There is no entry fee and rides are super cheap (free for 2 and under). It's located at the Tower Grove Christian School just north of TG Park and east of the Botanical Gardens.


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