Sunday, April 15, 2012

Turning Off the TV

When Dan and I got married over six years ago, we were both in school while working over 20 hours a week. We rarely had time for a date, let alone time to sit down and watch TV. Six years and two kids later, we still do not own a TV.

Now, before you start thinking I'm holier than you, or just the opposite, think I'm a self righteous prude, know that we ARE getting a small TV soon, and I can't wait! 

You see, my kids LOVE shows (like all kids!). I've definitely used our Netflix account to it's fullest potential, especially during post baby and post surgery recovery periods. Although we are pretty picky about what our kids watch, they are allowed 30-60 minutes of screen time a day. Sometimes they forget about it, but most days, they cash in. 

Plus, it's the only cuddle time I get to have with these busy guys!

Problem is, our computer is no longer safe. A certain chubby someone just can't keep his sticky fingers off the poor machine and I'm afraid we might lose our only connection to the internet world. Enter our first TV, a small hand me down from my dear sister. Once paired with a DVD player, and we will be good to go!

Until then, we are Netflix-less and turning to our dear record player for entertainment. Besides the usual hot picks like Michael Jackson, Johnny Cash and Crosby Still Nash and Young, I've managed to collect some amazing children's records. I steer clear of the annoying kids songs but definitely keep the story records. They are great to listen to while doing art projects or just sitting on the couch together. It's basically a musical audio book.
(you can see this one was only $.99!)

Thrift stores and used music stores are filled with these types of records and they are usually very cheap.

 Hours of entertainment guaranteed!

We get our little TV in a few weeks, but until then, we'll all be crowding around the record player as if it were the 60's. I love how it bring the family together, but in an interactive way, not a zombie, my eyes are falling out of my head, kind of way.


  1. I used to listen to those records when I was a kid. So many good memories. Maybe I should invest in a record player-what a great idea!

  2. Golly - that Mary Poppins record sleeve is still in my collection today! Brings back such great memories of when my two were small enough to enjoy the songs and join in!

    1. surprisingly, the marry poppins record is a growing fav around here!

  3. I have a bunch of records that I picked up from a garage sale (about 8 years ago) that I've stashed in the basement storage. We don't have a record player! Where did you get yours? Find it on a thrifting hunt? Or did you buy new? I really want one...

    1. my parents bought me a vintage looking new record player about 5 years ago. i LOVE it! they have ones that also play cds and mp3, too. perhaps ask for one for christmas from the grandparents?? :) it really is better than tv most times, especially if you have a good collection (and i'm sure you do!).