Sunday, March 6, 2011

Kid's Shows

I have an incredible little boy. He's almost three and has the vocabulary of a five year old. Even his grammar is impressive! He's artistic, athletic and can do a 25 piece puzzle in less time it takes most kids to open the box. Like I said, he's incredible. He's also sensitive, in every meaning of the word. We've all seen how he can turn on the emotion at the drop of a hat. His little heart is so fragile that I worry about him when I'm not around. He does not have thick skin.

One of the ways I've chosen to protect him is by limiting his tv intake. Don't get me wrong-we've had days where Eli has stared at a screen longer than I'd like to admit, especially when Laz was a newborn. As parents, we definitely need to keep track of time spent in front of a screen, but my biggest concern is what flashes on that screen.

So many of the popular kid shows and movies are way too involved for children under 4. Yet, we let them watch whatever comes on, including commercials! They have bossy characters with intense plot lines and it just drives me nuts! Some people think I am strict, and maybe I am. I just don't want Elijah to be stressed out about some made up story line while also learning bossy phrases. I've got enough going on without having to undo some serious negative behavioral patterns. I'm sure you're all dying to know which shows I am talking about. In an attempt to keep my friends and not offend anyone, I won't mention the ones I hate.

But, what do I approve of?

Shaun the Sheep-Hilarious claymation without words. We've been loving this show for a while and it never gets old, for the kids or the parents!

Kipper the Dog-This show has very few characters and backdrops. The simplicity of it gives the show a calming affect. Oh, and the music is awesome.

Pingu-Again, claymation without words. I really think these types of shows are great for teaching kids social skills. They learn how to interpret facial expressions and see that our actions really do speak louder than words.

Harold and the Purple Crayon-Modeled after the popular book, this 1 season long show is beautifully done. It's very imaginative and the music is awesome!

All of these shows can be found on either Netflix instant play or except for Harold. It used to be on Netflix but not anymore. I bought the DVD and it's been sooooo worth it.

There you have it. My kid show favs. Just because it's been deemed "educational" does not make it safe. Know what you're getting into before exposing your kid to just anything.


  1. I love Kipper! Peep and the Big World is pretty funny - you can find it online (pbskids). Eli might not be old enough for it. It teaches science.

    My boys are really into Richard Scarry's Busytown Mysteries. The only problem is Pig Will and Pig Won't sound a little too much like them arguing. :)

  2. We try to keep tabs on tv and I think do a pretty good job overall, but I agree, when Vincent was a newborn Áine watched a lot. We do a lot of Dora and Diego. They are a bit annoying for us as adults, but she loves them and the characters are always kind and want to be helpful (except swiper the fox, but they even embrace him in a few episodes). She has also actually learned about 20 spanish words from those shows, although I would never claim that I am allowing them in order to TEACH spanish, it has just been a happy benefit. Another fun one is Pocoyo, they are only 7 minutes and can be found on youtube (type in pocoyo english). They are cute if any one character is being unkind it is redeemed by the end. Thankfully we got out of Elmo...that was just annoying. There are also some great sign language videos called signing with Leah that Áine has been loving. Okay, my list is looking like she watches tv all day...haha!