Thursday, April 19, 2012

Midweek Confessions

My dear friend Marley is always confessing things on her blog and it cracks me up!! I never have the time to sit and think of my own little confessions, but this week has been a doozie. So here goes my first midweek confession post:

- My kids have had pizza for dinner three times this week. Guess what? It's on the menu again tonight!

- I skipped my morning run once this week and slept instead. In my defense, I was at a birth until midnight the night before!

- I gave Lazzy a haircut Tuesday night. He was naked, running around the back porch while I literally chased him with scissors. The haircut looks awful but I'm not touching that head of hair. ever. again. Way too dangerous for everyone!!

- Yesterday, I might have given Elijah too many treats resulting in him having a belly ache and asking me "mama, did you give me too many sweets? my belly hurts. you have to be careful!". Oh boy, you know it's bad when your three year old is telling you to use some self control!
(it might have resulted in him looking like this!)

- Speaking of self control, I have none. It was even worse this week and I've had a few belly aches because of it. Darn that clearance Easter candy isle at Target!!!

- One night this week, I purposefully went to bed without washing my face so I could wake up and go the next morning without having to do my entire routine. Gross, I know, but it totally worked!

- I have SO much to do today (errands to run at 6 different locations before noon!) but I'm still in my pajamas and writing this post. AHH!!! I think I'll break my own rules and let the kids watch a show this morning while I get my life together!
The big finale: 
On Monday, my kids got two shots each (side confession-the kids are WAY behind on their 12 shots behind!), ate too much ice cream (see above confessions) and were promptly left with a babysitter (pizza for dinner) for the night so Dan and I could get some time alone. Thankfully, our babysitter didn't seem too traumatized at the end of the night, but I'm sure it wasn't easy for her!

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  1. my kids watch shows all the time so we can get ourselves together AND we are even further behind on vaccinations! At this point I might as well be an anti-vaxer (yeah, maybe I'll just go with that!). Oh, an the "I skipped my morning run" one made me laugh a little because yeah, I think I would be confessing that I took a morning run. Good luck with those errands :)

    1. it's so funny the standards we create for ourselves...i think i'm just gonna set the bar LOW, ha!! as far as vaccinations go, we are anti (or at least very very delayed..not much happens before our kids are 2) BUT we have to be "up to date" for our foster paper work. blah!