Sunday, March 11, 2012

Raising Two Different People

I've seen many similarities in my boys over the last 18 months, but as Lazzy grows into a boy, the difference are beginning to come out especially when it comes to temperament.

Elijah is super chill and easy going but that boy is emotional. However, he is also practical which helps him to obey rather quickly.

Lazarus is chill when in the presence of his blanket, but is actually quite active. He has a super short fuse which makes it almost impossible for him to obey the first time. Thankfully, he gets over things quickly.

As you will see below, both boys have been asked to put something away. It takes Elijah 1 fit and 16 seconds to obey his mama. (a very serious and dramatic 16 seconds)

{Elijah is 21 months old in this video}

It takes Lazzy 3 fits and 2 minutes 28 seconds to obey. Oh, and lots of laughing...what a little rascal!
{Lazzy is 18 months old here}

Before my boys, I never thought that my children's personalities would be a challenge when it came to parenting. Of course I knew I would have to deal with defiance and I felt ready for that, but living with a toddler introvert, now that never crossed my mind. In our marriage, Dan and I constantly deal with differences in the ways we think and communicate. I'm now doing this with my kids, except I'm the only one willing and able to be understanding. At least in this stage of life, loving them is so so hard. Maybe it gets easier the more you get to know them.

Lord give me patience to learn how to discipline these ones with strength, love and a great sense of humor!


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