Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Kids Say the Darndest Things - Drama and Grace

Elijah has been known to be dramatic from time to time. Well, alright. Every day he says and does dramatic things, sending Dan and I into laughing fits. The more adjectives he learns, the better it gets, too! He also tries to mimic phrases he's heard, but always gets them wrong. For example:

While driving on the highway with the family, Elijah exclaims: "Dad, you're the fastest race car man that I ever didn't seen!"
Elijah's reaction to me offering him sweets is only proof of how stingy I am!
Me: "Elijah, would you like to have a cookie with me?"

Elijah : "Totally! Mom, it makes me so so so happy that you want to give me a cookie and it's not even after my dinners! You surprised-ed me! (hahaha-giggling) Yay! I'm SO happy! I haven't been ever this happy in my life and I'm THREE!" (hold up three fingers with a HUGE smile) "Fanks mom!"

The drama really pours out in stressful situations. While throwing pennies in the mall fountain, Laz got a little close to the edge.

Eli: "Ahh! Lazzy, don't go in! You will get your head smashed on the floor and float away to the whales! Mama, Lazzy's 'bout to go in and get smashed and float away! Mama!! Look!! Get him mama!!"

Needless to say, we've been working on staying calm during stressful moments and possible catastrophes. We've also been talking about how I am the mommy and he is the little boy. Being the little boy gives him the freedom to just play with toys and worry about his own actions and not his little brother's. Unfortunately, we have this talk about five times a day. I'm hoping it starts to stick soon!

That said, the flip side to a dramatic emotional boy is that he is also very sensitive in a wonderful way. Tonight, Elijah was a complete emotional wreck getting to bed. He fussed about anything and everything.

In the end, Dan took away his new hanging lantern (placed over his awesome new bunk bed) as a consequence to his bad behavior. It was heartbreaking for Elijah to see his "hanging planet" go. As I talked with Eli explaining Dan's reasoning, Elijah decided to pray for a changed heart, knowing his attitude was completely rotten and that he deserved to have it taken away. After a heart felt prayer and a very sincere apology, Elijah asked if he could have his light back "even when i know i don't deserve it". When Dan brought it back in the room, Elijah teared up and simply said "fanks dad for bringing back my lamp".

I truly think he understood the concepts of mercy and grace tonight and it was beautiful. Elijah's heart can be so fickle, so intense, so crazy. But it is the softest little 3 yr old heart I have ever encountered. I'll take the drama if it means I get a son who honestly confesses, loves people deeply and appreciates a father who forgives.

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