Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Day In The Life Of Robbins Boys

These boys have no idea how great they have it. Seriously, play dates every day, walks to a giant park with two playgrounds and a duck pond, ice cream before dinner! Their childhood is magical.

The ducks were "playing a game" and the boys thought it was hilarious!

 Waiting on the front stoop for the ice cream man to show up.

We heard the music but he never turned down our street!

...wait...I think I hear something!

oh. Just an airplane.

So we walked/rode bikes to see daddy at the coffee & ice cream shop. He had been studying all day but was ready for a dinner break.

Qdoba, apple sauce and Vitamin water for dinner.

I an so thankful that Dan and I are able to give our boys such a glamorous life here in St. Louis ;)


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