Thursday, March 1, 2012

I Haven't Forgotten You Laz

Laz turned 18 months last week! Honestly, I still feel like I'm getting to know him. You just don't have the time and effort to sit down and look your second born in the eyes for three hours like you do with the first. From what I can tell so far, he's 50% chill and 50% rascal. He will sleep anywhere almost any time of the day. He thinks he's really funny, especially when he's in trouble. And no matter what is going on, if you wrap him up in the beloved orange blanket, the boy will sit still. For hours.

Although Lazzy has very few words (more like cave man grunts), he's extremely enthusiastic about life. Honestly, between his overly conversational big brother and the constant thumb sucking, the boy may never talk!

He LOVES the swings!

His hair grows like a weed. I cut it bi-monthly! Here he is, just waitin' for his hair cut.

Michael Jackson is his absolute favorite thing to listen to. Both boys ask for him, day and night! "Turn up Michael!"

He has recently made the big switch from crib to toddler bed. One thing remains the same. Orange blanket.

He still has a hard time keeping his head on the pillow and often ends up at the foot of the bed by morning. It's the rascal in him that makes him want to escape. (hence the blue wall)

Thanks to big brother, Lazarus knows how to brush his teeth all by himself.

Laz often asks to brush his teeth throughout the day, and he's been known to brush while wearing socks with crocs :)

Laz enjoyed spending time with aunt Abby this month. Thanks to Skype, he and Abby have gotten quite close.

I loved having her here as well. She swooped in, gave Dan a break and nursed me back to health. Sisters!

Abby's not the only one nursing me back to health. Elijah and Laz have spent the last two weeks loving on me while I recover from surgery. Elijah and I have spent time together by reading books and watching his favorite shows. Laz is along for the cuddles.

This little man has completely changed the dynamics of our household. He's so complex and yet so simple. I love his quirky little habits, the way he says please and how he obsesses over his brother. The last 18 months have been very busy for me, and although I feel like I hardly know the boy, I haven't forgotten about him. He's my little cuddle bug. My squishy silly chunk. My Lazzle Doo-skull Dooskie Doo, Lazzy Rascal Poosky Poo. So glad he's mine!


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