Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday {THRIFTED!}

Today's outfit is very layered. I really like layering colors and textures, especially in the winter. Not to mention, lace always makes me happy. I've just gotten into the tiny belt thing. I think my post baby belly is finally small enough for me to pull it off. 

The details.

I love these sweet little shoes

From Head to Toe:

Cardigan : Goodwill, $1.99; Brand: Mossimo
Lace Blouse : Clothing Swap, FREE!, Brand: Apt 9
Purple Tank : Salvation Army, $1; Brand: Mossimo
Belt : Forever21, $1.50
Jeans : Family Thrift, $4; Brand: DKNY
Shoes : St. Louis Garage Sale, $3; Brand: Volatile

My necklace didn't show too much, but I love the color of the stones and it matched my cardigan perfectly! It's one of the first necklaces I made about 6 years ago.

Total Outfit Cost: $11.49!!

Where did I go/what did I do in this outfit?

After being stuck at home for 3 days straight with a mild stomach bug, I was excited to get out of bed and get dressed for, yes, a toddler birthday party. Even better, a Super Hero birthday party!

The boys made masks!

Charlie, the birthday boy :)

It was nice to have a reason to leave the house. Even if it was just for a few hours.


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  1. What great finds! I love the outfit. I'm especially in love with the shoes. This is what I wish I could do with thrifting, but just feel so overwhelmed by it.
    Dropping by from EBT.

  2. This outfit is adorable, I love that cardigan and jealous you got it so cheap! =D

    Marilyn (visiting from EBT)

  3. That blouse is amazing! Whenever you post these outfits, I always want to run right out to GoodWill. You have such a knack for finding cute things.

  4. thanks paige :) two weeks ago, there was a huge neighborhood clothing swap in st. louis. i volunteered to help sort clothes the night before the swap and so i also got to shop early. i walked away with some great things!

  5. oh my goodness, the boys look adorable! glad you are feeling better! and i love your thrifted outfit :)

  6. Oh my the outfit is so cute! What a great find! Your boys are adorable!

  7. Great outfit! Always look forward to your "What I Wore" posts. Especially because they are thrifted!

  8. What baby belly? You look great!

    Be sure to grab the badge so others can join in and comment on the main post +1 more :)

  9. thanks melaina! i knew i was missing one more badge.

  10. love the lace with that embellished cardigan. so cute!

  11. Oh my goodness! What a great deal! I especially love your shoes!

  12. Super cute outfit! I really love the lace blouse!

  13. Oh I love a good thrifted outfit! The lace blouse is lovely!

  14. Super cute outfut! The price is unbelievable!

  15. I'm so jealous of people who are good at thrift store shopping. I'm just not. I never find good deals. :/

  16. I can not believe you got the whole outfit for sooo cheap!!! :)
    -barbie @ Style of a Mrs.