Sunday, February 26, 2012

Missing Home {One of Many}

About every few months, I find myself missing one of my many homes. Sometimes I miss the North West and all of our dear family and friends who live there with their beautiful children I hardly know. Sometimes, I miss my parents' house, tucked away in a Tennessee valley. Sometimes I long for Heaven!

Today, I miss my Malawian home, Lilongwe. It's just been on my mind. I have been thinking and praying for our friends who still live and work there. A lot has changed since we lived in that peaceful country almost 3 years ago. I worry for their future but am encouraged by the work ABC is doing. I know for a fact that the graduates truly are making a difference. Still, I miss it and my heart aches for the people of Malawi during political tension. Elijah has also been asking lately if we will move back when he is five. Oh Elijah, if only we knew for sure. Things are more up- in-the air now than ever before. We've got a little over a year left of seminary and the possibilities seem endless. I just want Africa.

My husband and I have been watching the latest season of The Amazing Race. We're pretty sucked in and have been known to watch more than one episode at a time (benefits of watching it after it airs!). We were so excited and homesick when episode 6 opened with an introduction to Malawi as the teams landed at the Lilongwe Airport. When I read missionary friends' blog posts about the weather and bugs and challenges with fuel shortages, I long to be there with them, complaining along side them.

Today, I miss my African home.