Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday (THRIFTED)

Y'all, we are finally home and settled back into regular life. No more late night chocolate snacks or over eating in general. It's the middle of January and my eating habits are changing! Today was a "I still feel full from Holiday food and my pants are too small and I just want to sleep" kind of day. Instead of heading out in my pajamas like other St. Louisians, I threw on this cute comfy cotton dress. I actually have three cotton dresses that I often wear when I'm having a "blah" day. Throw on a pair of leggings and vintage boots and you're good to go!

The bag is big, but I loved using it while in Seattle. Perfect for a days worth of snacks and extra clothes. I love using thrifted bags because it's no big deal if my boys spill juice all over it. Sure, I love the handmade Etsy bags and maybe I would get one if it were only holding my phone and lip gloss. Truth is, everything I own right now is subject to being ruined. Very few investments will be made until the kids are older.

From Head to Toe:

Dress: Goodwill, $4.00; Paraella
Belt: Forever 21, $1.50
Leggins : Goodwill, $3; Mossimo
Boots : Family Thrift, $3; Vintage
Bag: Nashville Goodwill Outlet, $1.50, Brand unkown

Total cost of outfit: $13.00

What did I do/where did I go in this outfit?

Errands! I pretty much got dressed up to go to Hobby Lobby, Target and Aldi (of all places). Ya know? Sometimes you just need to dress up, especially when you're feeling frumpy. Try it sometime. It feels really good!

I also wear this outfit to church and play dates. It's versatile. 


  1. You are so cute! I can't wait to get out of my worn down maternity gear and put on some real (cheap) clothes!

  2. Totally agree with you about people going out in their pajamas. It's not *that* hard to get dressed.

    That's a fantastic dress, by the way. :-)

  3. I love that print on your dress! So gorgeous! You look great!

    Erin from EtsyBlogTeam :)

  4. get out! 1.50 for the bag!!! reduce, reuse, recycle!! woohoo! and i've been so happy about my 50 cent leather checkbook cover from salvation army.........i think you topped me.

  5. Very cute!

    Stopping by via Mercantile Muse's link.

  6. Great outfit! I love thrift stores for books and housewares but I get absolutely lost and overwhelmed when I try to hunt for clothes there. I need a fashion guide!

  7. totally cute outfit and I LOVE that it is all thrifted! adorable ♥

  8. This dress is definitely one of my favorite thrifted dresses. the thing about creating an entirely thrfited outfit is: you never try to find it all in one day. it's much easier to piece things together after you've been thrifting for a while :)

  9. LOVE your thrifted outfit, Bethany (do you know I have a 100% thrifted style blog?

    You scored some awesome stuff, chica! (love that bag!).

    Following now! : )