Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Site Seeing

Wow, it's great to be home. I can barely recognize it because of all the Christmas stuff lying around (including one very dry Christmas tree), but hey, we slept in our own beds last night and everyone is pretty happy about that. Still, it's sad to think it might be another year or two before seeing Seattle again. What an amazing city, full of beauty and of course, most of our favorite people, too!

Elijah was two the last time we visited Seattle. There are a few things he remembers about that visit, like Grammie and Grampy, Ezra and the boats. Otherwise, this trip has been such a new adventure for him. We've enjoyed showing him around town, pointing out each of our old apartments throughout the city and our favorite spots to eat. Dicks burgers is definitely one that Dan was proud to show off.

We took our milkshakes downtown for a walk in the city and some killer views.

Neither of us had ever gone up the Columbia Tower. It's the tallest building in Seattle, 300 feet taller than the Space Needle.

We visited the Seattle Aquarium just in time to watch an octopus eat his dinner. It was cool and gross all at the same time. (sorry, the pics of that didn't really turn out).

Lazzy was our tour guide ;)

That is, until he hit a wall and threw one of his famous silent fits on the floor. Poor lil' guy only had a 20 minute nap that day. I tried to feel sympathetic, but it's so hard to keep from laughing.

On Saturday night, Dan and I went to, you guess it, Thai Toms in the U District. Seriously people, I would never order Phad Thai anywhere else but there. With veggies like zucchini, celery, green pepper, green onions, carrots and broccoli, this dish is not like the other noodles with ketchup. It's incredible. Dan ordered the ginger eggplant which is also delicious.

The restaurant holds probably 30 people and certainly isn't the cleanest place I've ever been to, but they've won Best Restaurant awards three years in a row!

This is the kitchen. One man cooks 4 dishes at a time with only the help of one side cook. It's really quite a performance that you get to watch from your seat at the bar. It's our favorite date night spot.

Our flight home was much better than our flight to Seattle. Lazzy got cranky, but we got smart and brought out the big guns: THE orange blanket. It worked like a charm and Laz even slept a while on the airplane floor.

 Gonna miss those mountain views and Thai dinners!! Now, we are back to life in St. Louis and things are busier than ever. Next up, I'm meeting with new doula clients and will be on TV this week! Also, Dan starts school next week, but not before putting together a conference at the seminary. Don't worry, I will post about it all. Eventually :)

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