Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday (THRIFTED)

Alright, this outfit is not completely thrifted but it's what I wore on Christmas Eve, so I thought it would be festive.

From Head to Toe:

Top: Goodwill Outlet, $.50; GAP
Skirt : H&M retail store, $15 (not thrifted)
Boots : Family Thrift, $3; Vintage
Gray Tights: Target, $1.50
Bow Cuff: City Thistle! (available in gray and red)

Total cost of outfit: $20.00


  1. Absolutely adorable! What a great job you did on finding cute affordable outfit.

  2. Very cute! I love the stripes and the boots.

  3. So let me know when you start offering thrifting fashion services ;-) I am so out of clothes!!! lol

  4. Cute outfit! H&M is the next best thing to thrift, my kids & I shop there a lot.

  5. Brooke- I have been known to shop for some of my friends. I have even helped total strangers at thrift stores!! Especially when I am at Goodwill outlet! Things are so cheap, it's really fun to just grab stuff and see if it works :)

  6. Anglea-H&M is a great place for basic every day pieces!

  7. Love the look! The striped shirt is very versatile.