Thursday, November 24, 2011


When we are born, we are not guaranteed a certain number of days or a particular kind of life. We get what we get, but whatever it is, it's a gift. A gift to really be thankful for (and certainly not complain about!).

I could easily complain about my kids runny noses this week, but I am thankful my boys are generally healthy. I could complain about the fact that Dan and I have to write each other emails because it's been so busy these last few months, but I am thankful we are almost done with this semester which has been the hardest one yet. I could complain about living far away from my best friend and missing all the places I call home, but today, I'm thankful for friends, family and an amazing church community here in St. Louis. I could join the rest of America and complain about gas prices going above $3, but I know better and WILL be thankful I don't have to sit in a line for 12 hours to get fuel for my car that costs $8 a gallon!

{pic taken in Malawi by missionary friends who are currently dealing with this situation}

After living over seas and planning to spend many more years away from American soil, I can't help but think about the frivolous life changing things I am thankful for. Simple items like Brita pitchers and scented candles are things we use every day without thinking twice. But when you are without them, you realize that those items truly are something to be thankful for. And so, because I am thinking of my friends back in our Malawi home, I give you my list of American things I am thankful for:

-Sample tables at grocery stores
-Netflix streaming
-Goodwill outlet (thrift stores in general)
-Fast food for long road trips
-More specifically, cherry limeades
-Sleeping without a mosquito nets and getting out of bed without worrying about Malaria
-Running water, electricity and gasoline for my car
-Dollar stores with endless supplies of glue, pencils and paper
-Clean money (seriously, you think our dollars are dirty? ha!)

But no matter where we are living, no matter how we are living, I am thankful for these three guys in my life.

Happy Thanksgiving!!


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