Saturday, November 26, 2011

6 Years and Counting

I've been married for six years today. I've never committed to anything this long before. School, jobs, cities; these have all been flings. Dan Robbins, he is the real deal.

Today is a holiday in our house. We celebrate it big time. No, we don't buy each other big expensive gifts. Sometimes, we don't even go out on a date. But we always shower each other with phrases like "i love you" and "i'm so glad it's you!" and "can you believe we haven't killed each other yet?". Each year, we are more in awe of each other and definitely more thankful that we got married instead of breaking it off.

This years' gift to each other was original art by Rachel Heim here in St. Louis. Rachel is an amazing artist who makes quilted portraits of people. Some are of people she knows, others are just faces she's seen. Dan and I have been wanting to do a silhouette DIY project for our bedroom, but the moment I saw Rachel's pieces, I knew I wanted her to be involved.

Last night, Rachel came by to drop off the art and then offered to babysit the boys so Dan and I could go out. That was an amazing surprise and we were glad to take her up on the offer. But first, we opened these and then oohed and ahhhed over them.

{a closer look}

I am so excited to get these on our wall!! I love that it's original but is very much about our family. They are pieces we can take with us wherever we go. Now, I'll be saving up so Rachel can do one of our boys!

We had a great anniversary. God deserves all the glory for everything Dan and I have done together as a couple and definitely for the unite we have become.

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  1. These fabric portraits are nothing short of stunning. I sense you and your husband are really prioritizing your marriage, which is really a gift to your sons!!! Blessings from Vancouver, Canada.