Wednesday, October 5, 2011

National Midwifery Week

Monday marked the beginning of National Midwifery Week and boy is that something to celebrate!! Where oh where would I be without my midwife? Well, without my particular midwife, I wouldn't be alive! She is my mother after all!

Seriously though, after attending a number of births here in St. Louis, I'm pretty sure I would have been the classic first time mom who arrived at the hospital too early, took too long to push and ended up with a cesarean (Missouri's current c-section rate is at 31.7% by the way). Of course there is no way to know that for sure, but still. Here is my top 10 list entitled
"Top 10: Why I LOVE my mom midwife"

10. She listened to all of my fears and anxieties (for both births!) and discussed with me different options I would have for different scenarios, thus calming my fears.

9. She prepared my otherwise oblivious husband for the most intense radical moment of his life. (Dan loves her because she let him nap on the couch while she kept his laboring wife company. Let's be honest, there was a house full of women there to help. I was never alone! Red Tent anyone?)

8. Not only did she encourage us to listen to soothing music like Iron and Wine & Gillian Welch during labor, but she new most of the songs! ( mom is pretty cool)

7. She wasn't afraid to give me a pep talk when I asked for drugs felt weak during Elijah's birth. (Who was I kidding anyway. I was having a home birth! In the boonies! Did I really think Tylenol was going to help?)

6. She was not afraid to transport me when I had a retained placenta and supported me throughout that entire event.

5. She made both Elijah and Lazarus sweet baby blankets to celebrate their arrival (and does this for each baby she delivers!).

4. She went shopping with me and participated in a dance party to both distract me and to help me get labor started.

3. She let me nest in her home while Dan and I waited for Elijah to arrive.

2. She set up and cleaned up leaving the house in better shape than when she arrived. FYI, most midwives do this for their clients!

1. She's my friggin' mom! But seriously, it's very rare that a mother can not only assist in the delivery of her daughter's babies, but be the primary care provider, too. She did a beautiful job both times and didn't shed a tear until well after babies were out and everything was said and done. I've always thought my mother was amazing, but seeing her at work (twice!) has proven that to be true.

Happy National Midwifery Week to all the amazing women that make natural childbirth in homes and hospitals possible all over the country!! We truly do appreciate you!


  1. Thank you Bethany, for your sweet words of encouragement. It has been such a blessing and a huge privilege to be your mom and your midwife.

  2. It's been years, but I still remember how warm and nurturing your mom was (is!), and I always loved coming out to y'alls home. What a wonderful testimony to how she has faithfully used the gifts that God has given her! As we ponder kids and childbirth, I've so appreciated you and Sarah sharing your own stories. I'm such a Meeks family fan! :)