Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Homeowners make me SICK!

Well, not really. Just jealous.

I have never had the desire to own a house. Dan and I are both wanderers. We love to travel and often feel stuck if we've been anywhere longer than 2 years. Really, owning a house seems like such a chore. First, there's the buying it. Then the fixing it up. Oh, gotta fix it again. Yup, something broke. Back to fixing it. With renting, you just call your amazing landlords and the problem is fixed within hours while renter eats dark chocolate and reads during nap time.

Well, the longer we are in America, the more I want to own. Not because I don't love my cute apartment, but because I cannot change anything in my cute apartment! Just so you all know, if I was a homeowner, every wall would be painted various shades of gray, teal, and yellow. Chalkboard paint would been seen on more than one door and appliances would be vintage!

If I were somehow able to buy a house before November, would someone, PLEASE give me this kitchen for my birthday!!

With an adjacent matching laundry room!

I'm jealous of all my home owning friends who get to transform their spaces to reflect themselves. I listen to them chat about all the recent changes they've made and how "it's so much nicer having the laundry on the second floor!". Suddenly, when the boys' bedroom door falls off, I'm not jealous anymore.

(they had a curtain for a door, thankfully it didn't last too long!)


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