Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Featured Etsy Shops-SeventhSphere

I buy supplies from all over. Some of my beads are local and some are literally from the other side of the world. Other supplies actually come from Etsy supply shops. I love supporting those small businesses and working with the shop owners to create the perfect custom listings that will make my jewelry unique. It's really a cool way to build my little handmade community, too.

Bare with me while I connect the dots between today's shop owner and one I featured last month. I want to introduce you to Belinda of Seventh Sphere. She makes the most colorful and modern coin purses among other types of bags. She lives near Sydney Australia and not too far from BlueBerry Ash shop owner Maria. Actually, Belinda has made a few change purses using Maria's beautifully hand screen printed fabrics.

Belinda's bags and purses are so fun. I was on my way to "favorite" some of her items but she got extra points by using some of the best fabrics available on Etsy. It's so great to see other Etsy shop owners connecting in this way.


  1. Thanks for the feature Bethany :) I love using screen printed fabrics from local designers, we have lots of talented ones in Australia and Blueberry Ash is one of my favourites!

  2. Wow, how could I miss this post? Congratulation Belinda on being featured, I really like what you have done with fabrics and Thank you to you Bethany for mentioning my shop.