Thursday, May 12, 2011

Zimbabwe here we come!

Well, it took some time turning this....

...into 6 packed bags...but, I did it! Without much help from these two:

Dan managed to finish his papers and exams, one of which was this morning. We are heading to the airport for a long layover with Dan's brothers in NYC and then 6 weeks in Zimbabwe. The excitement is indescribable. I cannot wait to smell the African air. But first, a 32 hour travel time must be experienced. Dear God give me patience!! Pray!

I will be updating the blog as frequently as possible. Realistically, twice a week. BUT, you can be looking forward to some fun guest posts and a giveaway tomorrow! The Featured Friday posts will continue as usual, too. Gotta keep things happening around here.


  1. Give the woman a trophy! She packed all of our bags without help from any of us, much less me.

  2. Good job, Mama! Have a fun and safe trip. Praying for the flight.