Monday, May 30, 2011

Victoria Falls

Mrs. Mell (Our TCZ and Zimbabwe Guide) brought the team to Victoria Falls this weekend. It was a five hour drive north to the Zambian border where we got to see one of the seven wonders of the world. We spent all day Saturday exploring the falls, first with bungee jumping and zip lines across the gorge and then a long walk along the water. Instead of trying to describe it's beauty, here are the pictures.

The mist coming from the falls was so powerful, it felt like a storm at times. You could see it from 100K.

On Saturday afternoon, Mell brought Eli and I to a crocodile farm which had some other animals, too. We got to see hundreds of different crocodile, some lions and an ostrich. Elijah bravely held some baby crocodiles and was ready to take one home. I had to explain to him that those 5 week old babies turn into the 10 yr old big daddy crocs that we had seen earlier. He understood pretty quickly and then it go.

Who is the old Indian couple? Oh, just Elijah's new friends from Bombay. Ever since Eli was a baby, he's had an affect on total strangers. People just pick him up and carry him around. This couple made sure to have Elijah in all of their pictures.

After the crocodile farm, we stopped by a curio market to pick up a gift for Elijah's birthday. It was the end of the day and nobody else was there, so it was very pleasant. All of the vendors played with Eli while I shopped. A vendor named Happy even gave Elijah a free necklace with a carved river god charm on it.

All weekend, whether driving through town or down our little dirt road to the rented house, we often bumped into wild game like impala, wort hogs and even elephants. It was unreal.

That night, while the kids and I slept peacefully, Dan went with two other guys from the team to a special exotic meats dinner (called Boma) put on by the Safari Lodge hotel in town. Dan alone ate ten different meats including kudu, ostrich, warthog:

...water buffalo, eland, lamb, breem, crocodile tale, smoked guinea fowl and impala terrine.

Before eating your meal though, you had a eat a mopani worm which he said was horrible.

We had a great time taking advantage of a once in a life time trip to Victoria Falls. Dan will post soon about the work he is doing at TCZ. I promise he's been working and not just playing all the time :)


  1. this looks amazing--I love the photo of Elijah with the crocodile!

  2. Is the crocodile farm and restaurant on the Zambian or Zim side? I hope to model my trip to Vic Falls next year after yours. Looks like a lot of fun.