Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thankful for Zesa!

Zesa is the electric company in town so naturally, everyone calls electricity “Zesa”. Yesterday, we had Zessa allllll day long and even this morning. The boys and I had our first hot bath since arriving in Zimbabwe and I feel like a new woman. We also had an entire day of hot cooked meals. Zesa is definitely a luxury and we are not taking it for granted.

Our days have been perfectly balanced between last minute visitors and playing in the yard. We spend our afternoons snacking on the kitchen floor and our evenings chasing birds. We've never seen Dan this much since he started seminary. It's been such a treat!

It's the dry season here and people are watering their lawns religiously. After each nap, I can barely get Eli's shoes on before he's out the door and running through the “sprinkles”.

I attended a Bible study yesterday. Kayle and I dropped the older kids at a playschool put on by one of the Bible study ladies. They do crafts and sing Bible songs together so I told Eli it was a school. I took him out of the car and he literally ran off while yelling “bye bye mama!”. He was there for over two hours with 12 other children he'd just met and had a blast. He's adjusting so well.

Elijah and his friend Calvin.

The Bible study was great. I had a lot of fun mingling with women from different cultures. I really really love Zimbabwe, particularly the people here. Both white and black Zimbabweans have the most cheery attitudes. It's incredible really. Everyone (and I mean everyone!) is so witty. It's like they've all come from the same family and share the same inside jokes. That's exactly what yesterday was like-hanging out with a bunch of sisters, even though they were all so different and some didn't know each other very well.

I can definitely see myself here for the long term. The question is, are we needed here? That's for another post


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