Monday, May 9, 2011

Nashville Vay-cay

With our departure date rapidly approaching, Dan has become a book worm, paper producing machine. He's desperately trying to finish up his classes in time to turn in papers and take his exams early. Poor guy. He's pooped.

In an attempt to give him much needed peace and quiet, I took the boys on a road trip to Nashvegas. It was short and sweet but we had to get back in time to pack and wrap things up in St. Louis. Plus, Dan missed us a lot.

I love watching the cousins play together. It gets better as they continue to grow up.

Flannery and Lazarus are 6 months apart. It was so much fun watching them interact with each other during this visit. In about a year, you won't be able to notice much of an age difference.

Grandma and grandpa's back yard playground was a big hit.

The boys always have a great time at grandma and grandpa's house. They both were asleep five minutes into the car ride home. (pictures were taken at a gas station with the car off...just so ya know).

I am soaking up this stage in life where we are close to family.


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