Thursday, April 7, 2011

You remind me of someone

There are a lot of look-a-likes out there in the world. My sister seems to think I have a few but I have a hard time agreeing with her. The one I get the most is Chloe Sevigny. What do you think?

Ok, sure. I can see that.

Next is Reese Witherspoon. I DO NOT think I look like her at all, but my sister and brother in-law say I remind them of her, especially in Sweet Home Alabama. Perhaps if you combine the southern accent with the chin?
I don't see it.

Nope. Still don't see it.

Lately, I've been told that I remind people of Kristen Wiig and her various characters on SNL. At first I took it as a compliment. Kristen Wiig is so cute.

Then, I started thinking of all her characters.... least she is funny. Another funny one is Tina Fey. She is awesome and I am honored to remind people of her. Tina rocks.

Alright-a few more:
Pippi Longstocking! Well, it was only for one Halloween night, but still.

Last but not least, Super Girl.

Okay, I admit. That was a stretch.

Who do you remind people of??


  1. Peeps say I look like Kate Winslet. Kate and Chloe I hear are BFFzzzz.

  2. hahahaa! i loved this and all of your pictures, especially kristin wiig and pippi longstocking! so funny!!