Friday, April 8, 2011

Fridays Featured Etsy Shop - Chennapenna

I am super excited about today's featured Etsy shop. Jenny Nelson of Chennapenna makes incredibly cute and useful items for every day use. You know, things you wish you had on you in the midst of a mild crisis. The thing is, they all come in such cute packaging!

"Creating fresh, elegant and useful items is what I love best! My items are great for world travelers, moms, students, or maybe just in case. My ideas come from me usually not having what I need, when I need it, like a band aid, or a pair of scissors. " -Jenny, shop owner

I am loving these adorable Sewing Kit clutches for your purse, school bag or car. These make great (and practical) gifts for brides to be or expecting moms. These women can never be too prepared!

Speaking of expecting moms, this next one is not only cute, but necessary. When Elijah was a baby, I attended a women's tea where a prize was given to the mom with the most band aids in her purse. I didn't have any and was embarrassed. After all, a true mom is always prepared, right? I tried not to beat myself up too much, seeing as how Elijah was only a baby at the time.

Well, he's almost three and I still don't carry band aids in my purse. What's my problem?? I probably owe lots of women in the world a box of band aids! For mother's day this year, I would love to receive one of these clever and dainty First Aid kits. It's the perfect marriage between pretty and practical.

Jenny is very practical, but she doesn't neglect the desire to be cute for cuteness sake. She also has plenty of headbands and hair clips for sale in her shop. Go check it out and as always, happy shopping!

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