Saturday, April 2, 2011

Visit from the P'tains - Part 2

The Partains headed back to Indy on Thursday morning but not without a trip to the zoo! On Wednesday, Sarah and I took the kids to see the animals. We walked up the hill to see the African animals, basically all the ones we never go to see because they are so far up that hill. They were all out and running around, including the baby cougar. It was great exercise and the kids had fun, too.

On Wednesday night, Sarah and I grabbed chocolate martinis before meeting up with Nathan at a Welcome Wagon show. I felt young again being out past 11pm. After a late night out, we all got some sleep before our now traditional big breakfast out. We all ate our favorites at Benton Park Cafe and then said our goodbyes. As the Partains headed East and the Robbins drove toward home, Elijah exclaimed "Now we could go to Amos house!!!".

I wish, Eli. I wish.

*see it through Sarah's eyes


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