Friday, April 1, 2011

Fridays Featured Etsy Shop- Lil' Bambina Boutique

Are you a mother of a creative toddler?

Are crayons taking over your car, purse and coat pockets?

Do you have nightmares about giant crayons chasing you?

Well, today's featured Etsy shop is the solution to your crayon invasion problems. Lil' Bambina Boutique makes the most darling and useful little crayon rolls as well as little girl's clothing out of pillow cases.

A little about the shop owner: Lil' Bambina Boutique just celebrated it's 1 year anniversary on Etsy. Kristen left the business world so she can stay at home with her little girl and craft her heart out. Boy am I glad she did because I LOVE her little crayon rolls. Just brilliant.

For the last year, I've been carrying loose crayons in my purse and finding melted crayon all over my car. When I came across Kristen's shop, I immediately got myself a crayon roll. They are so cute and the perfect way to keep organized in the crayon department. No more random red streaks on my wallet. No more Eli fussing about the lack of blue crayon choices. Next time we are waiting in line at the post office (longest, slowest lines ever!), I will be ready. A quick draw if you will :)
Here's my recent purchase: Urban Zoologie Owls Crayon Roll

Like Lil' Bambina Boutique on Facebook for special offers and giveaways. Even without a sale, the crayon rolls are less than $10 including shipping. These are the perfect little gift for Easter baskets if you're into that, too. Happy shopping!


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