Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Break 2011!!!

Spring break in high school meant car fulls of people driving to Florida, getting matching airbrush t-shirts and wearing them at school the entire following week. I never participated in those shenanigans. I usually came up with more creative ways to spend my spring break: skiing in Breckenridge, and visiting my sister in NYC and then again in Seattle.

Spring break comes just in time. It snatches you out of the winter fog. I'm not eve in school but I desperately needed the break from Dan's school life. Thankfully, the weather was great and we spent lots of time outdoors.

We drove an hour north and took a hike, complete with a pb&j picnic. Thanks to a hand-me-down backpack, I was able to hike without Lazzy in a sling. That thing saved my back!

Lazzy spent the entire time grabbing my pony tail. So cute. So annoying.

I'm so thankful for these people!

We also celebrated time off with a long walk at the Botanical Gardens. We made our way to the Japanese garden where the Cherry blossoms were in full bloom. The air smelled so sweet. It was amazing.
Lazzy and I got a good walk in while Dan and Eli checked out every rock, leaf and flower. It was a great week of spring. Now there's 3 inches of snow on the ground and it's back to work and school tomorrow. Slap.

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  1. hey, that is a good family picture on your hiking trip. We just went on a hike this weekend and got a decent one, too. Hard to come by these days. Glad you had a nice week together. Keep up the hard work at school Dan, many will be blessed by your commitment and sacrifices.