Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"Aunt Abby is my neighbor!"

Elijah's third favorite person has moved in to the neighborhood. My younger sister Abby is in St. Louis to stay and I couldn't be happier. She's a kindred spirit, not to mention funny.

We have LOVED having Abby here. We used to joke all the time, even while living in Malawi, about how we wish we could just pop over to each other's houses. "Hey, what are you up to?? Want to come over this afternoon for tea?". It always made me miss her more, knowing that we were so far away from each other. Nowadays, we really can just invite each other over last minute. It's been so great having her here!

She's staying at the Jensen's house while they are in Slovenia. It gives her time to really settle in somewhere without so much pressure. She's been getting to know the neighborhood by checking out apartments. This morning, we took the boys to the Missouri History Museum. Tonight, we ended up with cheap tickets to a St. Louis Blues hockey game. It's been fun seeing St. Louis through a fresh set of eyes.

The apartment (and job) search continues this week. I'm going to be busy these next few weeks helping my sis set up a place for herself here.


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