Thursday, November 18, 2010

Why midwifery? Why homebirth?

A few weeks ago, my dula asked me to explain why I chose a homebirth. Linsey has just become a CPM (certified professional midwife) and is working on her new website. Instead of trying to explain the beauty of homebirth from her perspective, Linsey asked her clients to share theirreasons for choosing homebirth. My answer is among a dozen others. It was difficult for me to keep my response short while also explain why homebirth and midwifery were so important to me. This is what I said:

Growing up, I had the priveledge of learning about midwifery and birthing at home through my mother who is a midwife. I saw first hand the amazing benefits of having your baby at home while being cared for by a loving, nurturing woman who was also completely prepared medically. I was intrigued by the close relationships my mother had with her clients and decided at a young age that I wanted my birthing experiences to be about life, community and relationship. Hospitals rarely enter into those things. Like most unknowns in life, birth can be scary. I chose to have a homebirth because I believe that midwives are committed to walk along side you throughout the entire experience, facing each of your fears, challenges and accomplishments as if they were their own. -Bethany

Recently, two of my friends had the opportunity to express their thoughts on midwifery. Jessica and Blythe had a midwife care for them during their pregnancies, even though they had completely different birthing plans. Jessica had a homebirth in the water and Blythe delivered in the hospital with the request of an epidural. I think it's important to know that midwives are very qualified to safely bring lives into the world. I also believe they are more intentional and sensitive about how they do it, always with the mothers wants and needs in focus. This video was created by Cindie Brown and her partners at Midwife Seattle. Cindie was my sister's midwife and has given wonderful care to a number of my friends and their babies in Seattle.

(Jessica's baby boy Ivo is the first one you see-so smiley! Blythe's baby Penelope is the baby girl with the big brown eyes. I cried when I saw them!)

Still not convinced? I have no idea what else I could say! But seriously, I have the highest respect for midwives and love praising them at any chance I get.


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