Thursday, November 18, 2010

So Proud!

(Dan, ready to go preach for class)

Dan took a few less credits this semester. We all hoped it would make it a little easier for Dan to do well at school while also working and being a dad of two boys. I've learned that fewer credits do not automatically mean an easier time at school. I also learned that my husband is amazing. Not only has he managed to be four people in one, he does a pretty good job at it. At the beginning of this year, he was a barback for a fancy restaurant in town. Within a few months, he got a position as a server and is doing a great job of it. He continues to study hard and receive good marks on papers and tests. He's a sweet husband to me and best of all, he is such a good dad. He spends a lot of time playing football, reading stories and painting airplanes and angels with Elijah (random combo, I know). In the midst of it all, he still manages to put in some cuddle time with littlest.

It's been difficult balancing school, work and family. I still don't think we get enough time with him, but I know Dan is working hard to do his best in all things. I appreciate his efforts and am so thankful he is my husband.


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