Friday, October 22, 2010

Grant's Farm

This weekend is Dan's fall break from Seminary so we decided to have a family adventure this morning. We visited Grant's farm, founded by Ulysses S. Grant himself back in 1850. It was so nice to be a little further outside the city and to see some farm animals as well as the more exotic kind.

When you first arrive, you board a tram that takes you through the woods to where all the action is. On the way up to the farm, we passed by some cows, buffalo and a yak.

First thing we did at the farm was ride the carousel.

Then off to see the animals!

Inside the carriage house.

The entire place was decorated for halloween. The pumpkins and hay bails were nice, but I did NOT appreciate all the scary things hanging from trees. We kept having to distract Elijah away from things like this:

We did get a few good fall photos though.

The farm is now sponsored by Anheuser Bush. There was Budweiser paraphernalia everywhere. You even get two free beers while at the farm. We also visited the Clydesdale horses in the barn by the parking lot on our way out. Elijah got to pet a Clydesdale foal!

Lazzy did a great job napping and hanging out in the sling.

By the time we got home, everyone was ready for naps. We all slept the afternoon away. It was the perfect family day!


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