Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fall visitors-Wed, Thurs, Friday

Brendan had a conference to attend in St. Louis this weekend for work, so the Riberas decided to make it a mini vacation. They arrived Wednesday evening. They came straight to our house just in time for dinner. Eli and Ezra were reunited and quickly started playing while Jessica and I switched babies. It was so fun to have all the boys together.

Last time the boys were all together, they were still such babies!

Thursday morning, we put on our babies, got out the wagon and walked to the playground. Elijah tried to teach Ezra how to play football. Ezra was nice and humored him a bit.

The Partains joined us on Thursday evening. I have missed my niece and nephew so much!

The restaurant was slow so Dan got to come home for dinner. I made Tom Ka Gai soup with fresh spring roles to celebrate Sally's birthday. The boys watched a movie so we could all catch up while eating carrot cake.

On Friday, Nathan went with Dan to school while the ladies watched the kids. They spent the entire morning running around in the back yard while the babies nursed and napped on opposite schedules.

After an early lunch, we finally got everyone ready and headed out for cupcake treats at Sweet Art.

After naps, Sally and I tried to do a photo shoot of the cousins.

We tried......

And tried.....

And tried....
No such luck.

That night, the mamas worked hard to get the kids in bed early so we could go out on the town to really celebrate Sally's birthday.

When we got home, all the children were happily sleeping and we just didn't want the party to end. The Riberas (who had been staying in a hotel) decided to stay at our place. Yup, 6 adults and 6 children slept in our 1200 square feet 2 bedroom was great! When I woke up this morning, I remembered everyone was still at my house and I got so excited. It felt like Christmas. Today has been so much fun, but I'll post about that later. For now, I'm off to relax with the ladies while the men grill hamburgers in our back yard with the older boys.


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