Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall visitors-Sunday & Monday

Sunday was a very busy day for me. Our church hosted two services for the first time and since I am the nursery coordinator, I had a lot of coordinating to do. Lazzy and I were at the church from 8:45am to 1pm. Everything went well and although I was tired, it was good to worship with my friends. I love having visitors at my church and sharing that part of my life with others.

During nap time, the men prepared apples for an apple crisp while we caught up on life. Sunday night, we all headed to the Jensens for scones. Unfortunately, Lazzy hadn't slept all afternoon and was very cranky by the time we got there. I tried to put him down on Vicki's bed, but he wouldn't have it. After spending the evening with a fussy baby, I went home early. It was one of those hard mommy choices I just had to make for my children.

We got out early on Monday morning to have breakfast at Hartford Coffee. Supposedly the coffee is bad but that doesn't bother me because I drink tea. The muffins are good and the play area keeps Elijah happy while I read so I like it there.

After breakfast, we walked through the park. On our way to the big playground, we stopped at the ruins to visit the ducks and play in the water.

The playground seemed to be the best place for us to spend the day. The dads occupied the older kids while us moms fed the babies and gave them their naps in slings. We had planned to do more activities around the city, but it was too much work to wrangle 6 kids on different sleep/eat schedules. In this case, less was certainly more. We were all just so thankful to be together. Until next year....


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