Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happy 4 weeks Laz!

Four weeks ago today, I was in labor, eager to meet my new baby boy. That day felt like eternity, but the days since then have gone by quickly. Although it seems to be taking a little longer to get to know Lazarus (it's hard with an adorable 2 yr old distraction), we are bonding in our own time. I am delirious from sleep deprevation but so thankful for those secret moments we share together in the middle of the night.

Lazarus had his first visit with the doctor yesterday. I am happy to report that Laz is doing very well. He weighs 12 lbs already (almost 3 lbs more than Eli weighed at four weeks) and is in the 95th percentile for weight and height.

Lazzy is a pretty good baby. He is very predictable, just like his older brother. He still eats all night long, but has done a few four hour sleep stretches, mostly during his afternoon nap. I'm hoping he starts sleeping longer at night, when he's ready of course. We stopped swaddling him at two weeks and I think he sleeps better because of it. No more struggling to escape his swaddle in the middle of the night. He still hasn't smiled at me, but I just know he's crazy about me, despite his constant furrowed brow.

I love his growing cheeks and can't kiss them enough.


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