Monday, August 23, 2010

Still workin'.

It's been quite a day of laboring for Beth. She's been going since about 1 this afternoon. At first, Eli sat with Beth and helped her breathe through some of her contractions. There have also been friends and family coming in and out, all praying and being supportive in one way or another.

We were able to get over here after nap and then sent the boys off to play with friends for a bit before bed. The kiddos are all asleep in Eli's room, sleeping soundly!

Labor is going slowly. Bethany is worn out but is doing really well. She's in the pool, which is helping her to relax between contractions. At about 9 pm, she was 6 cm and 100% effaced. Her water has not broken yet, but she feels Laz pushing down. We're hoping her water breaks soon and that Laz "comes forth!" Pray for her, for strength and endurance and that it would come to an end soon so we can all meet beautiful little Lazarus!



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