Sunday, August 22, 2010

Happy due date Lazarus!

Today is my due date. I am so thankful we made it this far!! Lazarus is doing really well and is active as ever. Last week, I was in the self-check out line at Walmart when I heard the supervisor shouting from 50 feet away "Uh, mam-you're gonna need to scan that ball you got under there!" to which I replied "Oh-are you trying to be funny?". He turned out to be really nice and of course had all sorts of advice and comments for me. I do enjoy all the opportunities my belly has given me to talk with perfect strangers, but I might be reaching my limit soon.

My mom and dad were able to come up from Nashville on Friday night. I am SO thankful that all the timing worked out so that my personal doctor could be here for the birth. I've had almost two weeks of contractions, most of them have been Braxton Hicks, but lately, they've picked up. At night, I have really strong ones any time I move or get up to go to the bathroom. Usually by morning, they have stopped. This morning however, they've continued and are closer together (5-10 minutes apart). Still, they are weak.

My plan is to enjoy my family (including my sister Sally and her two kids who came in from Indy) and take it one day at a time. I know now that there is no point in rushing things and stressing out. The baby has to come out sometime, right?

Today, we are all going to church and then hope to take our usual pre-labor shopping trip at Old Navy. My dad's theory is that if we make a lot of plans (or perhaps buy tickets to something), then the baby will come. Let's see if he is right.


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