Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Elijah and Esther

Last night, we had a blast hanging out with the Spencer family (all 10 of them!). The Spencers are here in St. Louis on furlough for the year and we are so glad. They were one of our favorite families to spend time with at ABC. Dan and I taught 3 of their 8 kids during our two years in Malawi. Their youngest, Esther is just 5 months younger than Eli.

This is the last picture we have of them together in Malawi.

They were reunited last night and barely left each other's sides. Esther kept calling Eli "baby" and "Ali". They made each other laugh, chased each other around the house and ate Popsicles together.

It was great being with the Spencers again. I plan on hanging out at their house a lot with the boys this year.


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