Thursday, August 5, 2010

Boot Camp Potty Training-Day18

I am happy and relieved to announce that I believe Elijah is completely and fully potty trained. Today, he initiated going to the bathroom on his own 4 times!!! As well, he told me he had to go pee pee while we were driving home in the car today. I told him to hold it until we got home. 5 minutes later, we were home and sitting on the potty, accident free! He has also stayed dry during naps and overnight since the beginning.

It was hard at times and definitely messy, but if you ask me, 2 1/2 weeks of hard work sure beats another year of diapers!!!! To celebrate the success, Elijah got his very first set of tools (compliments of the Target dollar section). He opened them up and went straight to work on his room. I had no idea there was so much to "fix" around the house! The sweetest thing is that he knows the reason for the gift and kept reminding me throughout the night "Elijah tools! Elijah present, I go potty!!!!".

It was fun to give him something more substantial than a gummy for today's success (although we haven't given gummies in a week-he totally forgot about them!). It kind of wrapped up our Boot Camp Potty Training. I'm sure Elijah is happy to be done with the timers as much as I am. Time to move on with our lives.


  1. Congratulations!! Enjoy your freedom. :)

    Two in diapers sucks, as I know from experience, unfortunately. :)

  2. Hey there Jess sent me a link to your tales and I wanted to say thanks! We're doing a trial PT for a few days and then boot camp next week. I felt like I needed to get myself in the grove before I dove in, which I think was a good idea for us. WE SHALL SEE!! Thanks for documenting this. It was nice to hear the steps you went through and your boy's reaction.