Monday, August 2, 2010

August is HERE!

Yesterday was August 1st. I've been waiting a long time for this month to come and now it is here! Our monthly calendar is pretty bare with the exception of a few major things going on: Dan will hopefully test out of Hebrew on the 18th, begin his second year of Seminary on the 26th and of course, Lazarus will be joining our family somewhere in between the two!

I am 37 weeks and beginning to feel very full term. Sleep has already gone out the window (I've been up since 5am!) as Lazarus never seems to have a quiet moment. I'm rushing to the bathroom at least every 15 minutes and people are really beginning to bring the comments.

One man asked me if I was having twins. I responded like usual "I don't think so...". Usually people say something like "Well, you look like it!" and we move on. This guy was different though. He wouldn't let it go.

Man: "Well, just don't have your baby here!"
Me: "Oh, uh, don't worry. I am not planning on having my baby right here with all of you. If I start to feel something, I will leave, trust me!"
Man: "Yeah, 'cause I'll throw up! When my daughter was born, I threw up and then I fainted!"
Me: "Wow, okay....well, I can assure you that I will not be having my baby here in the Food Stamps office. It's not really in the plans, ya know, so I think everything will be okay."
Man: "Good, because I really will throw up."
Me: "Yes, I heard you. I think it's going to be okay. If I can help it, I promise I will not have my baby here with you, okay?"
Man: "okay then..."

It's not unusual for people to ask me if it's all fake. I also get asked if I'm having twins, a lot! I think people are just shocked by how far out my belly is. I literally send people into shock if they are standing behind me in line and then I turn, exposing my big round belly. It's so strange-people act as if they've never seen a pregnant lady before (or been pregnant themselves!!).

In the picture below, I am 37 weeks with Lazarus. The one below that is me at 38 weeks with Elijah (same shirt, too!). I think Lazarus is a little lower than Eli was, but for the most part, I look exactly the same!

37 weeks with Elijah

The temperatures will be between 90 and 100 degrees this week. My plans are to stay inside and eat ice cream and burgers (I've got low iron). Oh yeah, and work on all those little projects around the house!


  1. You look beautiful!

    I hope your birth is smooth and easy. :)

  2. OH HILARIOUS!! People say such stupid things sometimes!